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About Kylane

About Kylane

KYLANE LABORATOIRES is an innovative biomedical company dedicated to breakthrough research and clinical science. We aim to provide advanced Hyaluronic Acid aesthetic solutions.


Experts in HA

Born of extensive experience and profound understanding of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), KYLANE LABORATOIRES is an innovation-driven company in the fast-evolving field of Aesthetic Medicine.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, KYLANE LABORATOIRES offers innovative HA solutions used by Healthcare Professionals to enhance the well-being and beauty of women and men.

Our purpose is to create, develop, manufacture and market innovative facial and body treatment solutions.

Focus on innovation

Driven by a passionate team of experts combining more than 50 years of successful experience and knowledge in HA science and technologies, KYLANE LABORATOIRES is devoted and determined to shape the future of Aesthetics.

Our strong commitment for innovation is facilitated by the outstanding scientific background of our Research & Development team and our credentials in directly engaging with leading Healthcare Professionals. 

Our experts contributed to more than 20 patents and several key peer-reviewed scientific publications in the HA field.

Awarded by innosuisse, the swiss innovation agency


Our Vision & Mission

We strive to inspire the aesthetic medical community to improve clinical outcomes and patient’s satisfaction. Our passion involves creating, manufacturing and distributing the latest innovative injectable HA-based solutions for the treatment of the face and the body.
KYLANE LABORATOIRES intends to become the recognized leader in innovation of HA-based solutions.


Three distinct and meaningful core values guide KYLANE LABORATOIRES in all that we do :







Our work, our passion is to innovate.
To lead the way.